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8882 Makeup Cream Very High Sun Protection SPF 50+

Without nanoparticles

Large Protection UVB/UVA

It hides wrinkles and skin imperfections

It provides a unified and radiant complexion

It reduces actinic ageing

Use this make-up cream SPF 50+ in the city when the sun is absolutely forbidden (photosensitizing

treatments, antibiotics, tattoos, scars…)

With a rich and elastic texture, it is very well suited to cold climates.

This make-up provides maximal sun protection: this is an anti-tan foundation very appreciated by

Asian people who wish to keep a pale skin for cultural reasons. For this clientele, of course,

it is recommended to use our total care cream: anti-ageing, anti-pollution, lightening in synergy with this make-up.


It exists in three shades:

  • Lotus: pinky white (for asian skins)

  • Opale: pinky beige (for fair skins)

  • Princess: golden (for matt skins)

8882 Total Care Cream
Moisturizing, Anti-ageing, Anti-pollution, Lightening

Without Kojic Acid and Arbutine

This total care cream is dedicated to people who wish to keep a pale skin or who present pigment problems.

With a slightly acid pH, this care cream acts as a mild peeling, preparing your skin to accept the luxurious

regenerating, anti-ageing, anti-pollution and lightening components.

The skin becomes smoother, softer, and gradually, lighter.

The complexion becomes more radiant.
It prevents the development of dark spots.


Anti-ageing action: Besides, the quality of powerful antioxidants, a collagen particularly rich in proline

and hydroxyproline and the hyaluronic acid which fill the intercellular spaces, a compound derived from vitamin C boosts the collagen synthesis into the skin. But, in particular, a 100% vegetable innovation will act on the internal biological clock of our cells: the telomeres by slowing down the cells growing to delay the skin ageing.


Anti-pollution action: Stress and pollution cause, as we know, a premature skin ageing since they generate free radicals. Moreover, these micro-particles cover the skin with an invisible film which poisons it. A vegetable peptide will act against these inconveniences and facilitate the elimination of every noxious micro-particles.


Lightening action: Taking into account our ethics, we banished all the aggressive active components thus limiting ourselves to extremely softones which will act slowly but durably in synergy to inhibit melanin synthesis.